Statement on Webber Academy Appeal

Regardless of where you go to school, we believe that kids should be allowed to be themselves. So when kids aren’t allowed to pray in school, we disagree in the strongest of terms. That’s what happened in the case of Webber Academy, where two Muslim students were forced to pray outside in the snow by the … Continue reading Statement on Webber Academy Appeal

AMPAC Launches New Website

We have redesigned our website with you in mind! The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC) is proud to launch our newly redesigned website after much anticipation: The new site contains pages of information about the structure of our organization, our multiple community initiatives, links to upcoming events, an archive of media posts and … Continue reading AMPAC Launches New Website

Announcing a New Initiative: AMPAC Muslims of Alberta

Since 9/11, many Albertan Muslims have found themselves frustrated with the way that our stories are told. Those stories- stories of violence, intolerance, and oppression- don’t relate to the province we know, where Alberta’s Muslim community has been thriving for more than a century. This month, we are changing that. Our newest project, “Muslims of … Continue reading Announcing a New Initiative: AMPAC Muslims of Alberta

AMPAC Statement on Carding

AMPAC has been advocating for Muslims and other groups regarding the issue of carding, particularly its unconstitutionality as a practice. Based on the detriment it causes to our community, feedback from community members about the desire to feel safe and have dignity, and while courts are deciding on its constitutionality, AMPAC stands by the assertion … Continue reading AMPAC Statement on Carding