Rights and Freedoms

AMPAC is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of Albertan Muslims and other marginalized communities. Whether it is obtaining intervenor status at the Supreme Court level on cases of religious freedoms, or by lending public support to cases which are clearly supported by the Charter, AMPAC stands with individuals and groups who need it most.

Intervenor at Supreme Court of Canada – Ktunaxa First Nation (September 2016)

AMPAC along with Amnesty International Canada and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association will be participating in the court case involving the Ktunaxa Nation and their religious rights. The BC government is allowing the construction of a ski resort in an area considered holy to the Ktunaxa people. This is an important case about the scope of religious freedom in Canada that affects not just the Indigenous community but all Canadians.
AMPAC believes that religious rights of all Canadian citizens should be protected as stated in Canada’s Charter. For more information about the case, download a pdf.

Support for Webber Academy Ruling (August 2016)

AMPAC welcomed the decision of an Alberta judge who upheld a human rights decision that found a private school discriminated against two Muslim students by not allowing them to pray. Our op-ed piece in support of the decision was published in the Edmonton Journal.