Public Education

AMPAC recognizes that public education is a crucial starting point for social change. Education is a key component of the move towards building acceptance and understanding of diverse cultures among Alberta’s students. This vision can be achieved if educators and education developers remain committed to using resources produced for these purposes and remain committed to such an overall vision. Our organization has developed curricular resources to aid teachers in the teaching of these principles and has consulted with the provincial government on curricular updates to better reflect them as well.

Building Acceptance: A Teaching Resource about Coexistence, Cooperation and Early Multiculturalism in Medieval Spain

Building Acceptance is about more than the history of medieval Spain. It encourages students to think critically about history and how it is told, while considering how these analysis tools can be used to understand the world around them.

This resource provides opportunities for students to:

  • Analyze primary source documents
  • Question the exclusionary practices of identity formation
  • Contemplate pluralism and diversity in their own society
  • Learn about an understudied area of European history
  • Examine the pre-requisites for an equitable and accepting society