The Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to championing civic engagement and anti-racism efforts in the province of Alberta.

AMPAC focuses on advocacy work and implementing strategies around media relations, community bridge-building, education, policy development, and cultural sensitivity training. AMPAC has become a strong voice for Albertan Muslims and works to encourage active citizenship for all provincial residents.

AMPAC envisions a province where “deep equality” exists for all Albertans, including Muslims. Among all Albertans, AMPAC works towards building understanding and recognition of a long-standing Muslim presence and contributions to our collective success. AMPAC envisions a political and social landscape that is respectful and harmonious for people of all backgrounds.

AMPAC is an advocacy group, not a religious institution and therefore, despite being informed by Islamic guidance and principles, does not offer theological or sectarian stances. AMPAC is decidedly local and does not offer statements related to geopolitical conflicts or international relations.

AMPAC determines the focus and priorities of our organization and its initiatives based on community consultation and the shifting needs of Albertan Muslims.  We welcome continuous feedback from community stakeholders, organizations and individuals who would benefit from our service.

AMPAC is funded through private donations from Canadians of all backgrounds, as well as domestic grant opportunities. We do not accept foreign funding.