Education and Training

AMPAC offers educational lectures, seminars, webinars, and workshops on the following topics:

  • Islam & Islamophobia
  • Muslims in Secular Society
  • Religion and Public Life
  • Muslims and Law
  • Hate Crimes & Incidents
  • Building Acceptance & Islamophobia

We offer these options for all ages from school children to high school and University-aged youth, from young professionals to older members of the community. We offer talks in the public and private school systems, to non-profit organizations and unions, and to governmental agencies, businesses and the public.

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Islam & Islamophobia Webinar – June 2018

In June 2018, AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio will host a public webinar for willing participants on the subjects of Islam and Islamophobia. The goal of the webinar is to inform members of the public about the diversity within Islam and Muslim communities, as well as the systemic discrimination they face. The hope is to leave participants feeling empowered and equipped to begin to make change within their own spheres of influence.

islamophobia webinar poster

Islam & Islamophobia Talk (Sherwood Park Moravian Church) – May 2018

Directors of External Affairs Mona Ismaeil and Houssem ben Lazreg presented on Islam and Islamophobia at Sherwood Park Moravian Church to a lively crowd of people with a great deal of excellent questions! Mona and Houssem answered questions for nearly two hours and everyone left with more knowledge! Looking forward to future events.

sherwood park moravian

Islam & Islamophobia Talk (Gibbons United Church) – May 2018

AMPAC VP of External Affairs Nakita Valerio and Director of External Affairs Wati Rahmat presented on Islam and Islamophobia out at Gibbons United Church. Members of other in-town congregations also attended and the crowd had a number of fantastic questions for the presenters.

Debunking Islamophobic Myths Webinar with AUMA (April 2018)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio delivered a webinar for the Association of Urban Municipalities of Alberta alongside hate crimes specialist Irfan Chaudhry. The webinar was the best attended webinar for AUMA to date and the resulting conversation was very productive. We look forward to hosting another soon.

Nuancing Islamophobia InstaLive with Sumaira Z (April 2018)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio did an InstaLive session with prolific blogger and Instagram influencer Sumaira Z to discuss the complexities of Islamophobia and the importance of understanding it for advocates working in the Muslim community.

Islam & Islamophobia Talk (Edmonton Moravian Church) – March 2018

AMPAC VP of External Affairs Nakita Valerio and Director of External Affairs Wati Rahmat presented on Islam and Islamophobia at Edmonton Moravian Church. It was an amazing and engaged crowd which asked many important questions and left with a to-do list for combating anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry. Only the beginning of our friendship!

Islam & Islamophobia: Cross Currents (Norquest College Inclusion Fusion Festival – March 2018)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio was honoured to deliver a talk to Norquest College students, staff, faculty and the public as part of the College’s annual Inclusion Fusion festival. AMPAC rounded off a week of discussion on diversity and difference with a great session!

Anti-Racism Session – Balwin School (March 2018)

Working with MLA Chris Nielsen NDP, our Director of External Affairs, Mona M Ismaeil, led a beautiful teaching session on anti-racism at Balwin School for the International Day for the Elimination of Racism.

Islamophobia Training – Norquest College Campus Wide Learning Day (March 2018)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio lectured on Islam and Islamophobia to hundreds of Norquest College faculty and staff for their Campus-Wide Learning Day. The crowd was standing-room only and came with incredibly poignant questions. Feedback for the session was excellent and AMPAC continued to receive good feedback in the weeks after it was held. We look forward to continuing our relationship with institutions that prioritize anti-racism education.

Nuancing Islamophobia – Religious Studies, UAlberta (November 2017)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio, pictured with instructor Salima Versi, was honoured to lecture on Nuancing Islamophobia for the University of Alberta’s Religious Studies Program’s Introduction to Islam class.  The lecture was about excavating the term Islamophobia in order to better understand its different manifestations for the purposes of combating it more effectively – and how to do that!

Islam & Islamophobia: Cross Currents – French Bilingual Public School Principals Presentation (Cité Francophone, November 2017)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio and Director of External Affairs Mona Ismaeil had an amazing time presenting on Islamophobia for the French-bilingual principals at Cité Francophone. This is the beginning of  much longer-term relationship that will continue throughout 2018 to include French-bilingual educators and their students.

Islamophobia & Building Acceptance – O’Leary High School, Edmonton (October 2017)

AMPAC Director of External Affairs Mona Ismaeil teaching students about Islam, Islamophobia and building acceptance at O’Leary High School. They were very engaged and learned a lot.

Islamophobia Training for Canadian Union of Postal Workers (2 Sessions – Spring 2017)

AMPAC VP External Affairs Nakita Valerio delivered two sessions on Islam and Islamophobia in Canada for CUPW. After her talks, the postal workers went into break out sessions where Nakita and Directors of External Affairs Wati Rahmat and Mona Ismaeil each took the questions and comments of participants. It was two incredible afternoons, reaching hundreds of people with the message of understanding, peace and acceptance. The Union workers stated that it was easily one of the best sessions they have ever had and they have never seen their members so thoroughly aware and engaged. Their questions were thoughtful and serious about building understanding and purposeful action for union workers to be allies to Muslims in an age of escalating Islamophobia.